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Roundtable PLIN 2018 - 26 September 2018


Round table titled Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the function of rural development was held in Osijek on 26 September 2018 at the 9th International Conference on Natural Gas, Heat and Water (PLIN 2018). Round table was opened by professor Damir Šljivac, PhD with presentation titled Energy concepts in rural areas based on renewable energy sources. After that, assistant professor Danijel Topić, PhD has presented scientific paper titled Renewable energy sources in the function of rural development.




Assistant professor Krešimir Fekete, PhD continued with presentation about technical-economic analysis of different technologies for the electricity generation from biomass and biogas. Professor Denis Pelin presented about testing equipment for learning about photovoltaic systems. Last two presentation were held by associate professor Bernadett Horváthné Kovács, Phd, on topic Local economic development based on renewable energies and energy efficiency in rural areas and Sándor Zsolt Kovács, Phd on topic Energy potential of waste: Case study of the Hungarian waste management system. After presentations, a short discussion occurred on topic of round table and new conclusions were drawn based on presented research results.