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Rures Workshop - Palkonya, 28th June 2018


The workshop was realized in a small village of Baranya county, in a pretty guesthouse. The energy needs of this house is from fully renewable energy sources, mainly form solar cells. The mayor is also interested in  small-scale solar powers in the county.

Danijel Topić, the main manager of  the RuRES project presented the most important goals and tasks of the project.

The first professional lecture was held by Engelbert Beck and Zoltan Bíró. Mr. Beck talked about the opportunities and obstacles in community development related to renewable energies. He underlined that the lack of financial sources and the local governments need favorable regulations and supported financing environment. It is evident that these developments may result in significant energy savings in settlement’s institutions. The problem is that considerable financial resources are required for investments and that the payback period is relatively slow. The situation is similar on the individulals’ side: Stronger interest is clearly visible, but they are not able to realize the investments.

Zoltán Bíró, Director of ABW Solar Ltd., talked also about the growing interest and demand from the population side: more and more household-sized solar power plants are installed, and his company has built the six major industrial solar power plants in the county and he also presented them.

Sándor Zsolt Kovács, researcher at MTA RKI, presented the possibilities of the modellization. The model is based on settlement data, measurement of renewable energy potential and investment data. The model has several difficulties but it is possible to focus the attention to big differences between real potential and actual use.

Bernadett Horváthné Kovács presented the empirical research of the University of Kaposvár. The questionnaire survey was conducted in eleven settlements of a Somogy subregion and examined the relation of the population's renewable energy developments.

In the afternoon, participants visited a winery in the village where the energy from the cellar's cold store was also extracted from solar panels.