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Lecture in Đakovo


On April 24th, 2018 Danijel Topić, held a scientific-popular lecture on Renewable energy sources as a foundation of sustainable development at the City library in Đakovo. Current civilization development, energetics, industry and transport is almost entirely based on non-renewable energy sources which are exhaustible and have negative impact on the environment. Over 80 % of total energy consumption is produced from non-renewable energy sources. Consequences of this unsustainable development are climate change (global warming), low fossil and nuclear fuel reserves which lead to possibility of full exhaustion of those resources. Because of those consequences, it is necessary to change the way of exploitation of those resources and focus on renewable energy sources exploitation which will lead to sustainable development. This lecture presented a survey on current state of consumption and production of energy, consequences of fossil fuel usage and how can renewable energy sources be a foundation of sustainable development and an alternative to fossil and nuclear fuels. In the lecture, micro photovoltaic systems for coverage of local consumption are specially emphasized.