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RURES Final Conference


Date of Conference: 17 December (Monday) 10:00-13:15

Conference venue: Osijek (Croatia), The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek, ulica Kneza Trpimira 2B.


 The Programme of the Conference was as follows:


In the first part of conference, Danijel Topić presented the main results and steps of the project, Cecília Mezei and Sándor Zsolt Kovács spoke about the renewable energy potential model. Bernadett Kovács and Alexander Titov presented the survey results based on Koppány Valley experience.

The audience heard three presentation about the different parts of the renewable energies in the second session of RURES Final conference. Hrvoje Pandžić spoke about the different types of energy storages and their roles in the rural distribution networks. Marinko Stojkov presented the evolution and technical features of the water pumps and the details of the Croatian MAHE Program. Now, 12 hydro power plants are in Croatia with 4480 kW installed power, and 4 unfinished projects with 2239 kW planned power.

The last lecturer was Rebeka Raff who spoke about the possibilities of biogas production and presented a good practice. The Hrastin biogas power plant has worked since 18th January 2018. Its nominal electricity power is 355 kW, the nominal thermal power is 402 kW.